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Sword's Edge Chronicles


"...The characters are soundly crafted... The society is complex and intriguing; the action scenes are detailed and well described. I look forward to reading the rest of this fine series."
  - P.M. Griffin



(stories listed chronologically)

  • Alcandhor
  • A free e-book compiling these three previously published short stories:

    • "Alternate Path" published in Deep Magic, July 2005
    • "Bitter Storm" published in Deep Magic, January 2004
    • "Petition" published in Residential Aliens, November 2010
  • "Not Good"
  • for free: a fun vignette which takes place about six years before Sword's Edge


  • Sword's Edge
  • Available in print at:

    And in e-book:


    Can a lass overcome her self-doubt to uncover the traitors who threaten her clan? Will she provide her clan leader with the key to unlocking their alien mentors' mysterious past?

    Sword's Edge



  • Children of the Enaisi
  • Available in print at:

    And in e-book:


    A life-destroying secret haunts one man, while another forsakes his vows and kin to join murderous outlaws, and an entire people are threatened with upheaval by the rediscovery of ancient technology.

    Children of the Enaisi


  • Teldheri Map
  • Pronunciation Guide



Children of the Enaisi, the second book in the Sword's Edge Chronicles
Now available!


Unlikely Prophet, the prequel of the Sword's Edge Chronicles is finished, and slated for release in late spring.


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